Irish Air Fleet

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January 15, 2022 by ellie892

The flight to Dublin is quiet. I noticed the clothing of the people boarding the plane. The couple sitting in my row are ‘well turned out.’  The man wears a brown tweed suit, his wife is sporting forest green woolen trousers with a matching cashmere sweater set. She has tied a jaunty silk scarf with a spray of orange and lilac flowers around her neck. Her leather boots are sensible with silver clasps on the side. She shares that her husband was very ill the year before with heart concerns so they couldn’t make the yearly visit home and then on to sunny Spain as they did each year after retirement. He leans out from behind her and adds this might be the last time too, so nothing will stop us, then sits back with a chuckle. 

The plane has many empty seats, and the flight attendant has indicated that I can move to a vacant row, but I decline as I really enjoy the company of this couple as we share travel stories. 

The mister leans out again and comments on the lack of passengers and says he never saw the flight this quiet before. The missus repeats “No, never this quiet.” 

It must be the news about Corona and how horrible it is for the people of China we agree. It turns out they travelled to China several times as well. Small world. 

pushing through the clouds

dressed properly for visits

or other landings


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